About The Right Minded

It all began in 2015 when Alicia & Prabh met!  

They shared a love of the art of Photography/Videography and Music as well as their love for Health and wellness and built their brand 'The Right Minded'; which has naturally developed into a conscious and honest way to express themselves to the world. 

Prabh is the talented artist behind the lens. With multiple talents, he is a skilled photographer and digital editor videographer and music producer. Alicia is a creative artist, having studying graphic design, multimedia and fashion design, she has also followed her passion for health and wellness becoming a Health Coach.

 It might seem strange that The Right Minded, a company that is mostly focused on 'photography, videography and music', could have a connection with the 'Health Coaching' industry. So let's explain why? 

Over the years Alicia & Prabh have worked with hundreds of creative individuals who have come and gone in this competitive industry. They have seen others struggling with their physical health, mental health as well as their growth in the business. They have had friends in the industry commit suicide, die from cancer, become overweight ans severely unwell. This isn't just happening in this industry, its happening all around the world. 

Since Alicia & Prabh met, both being professional models, they had to be in the best physical shape ready to shoot 24/7, as well as having clear skin and enthusiastic energy. Together  they had the desire to help others be the best versions of themselves and have become advocates in the industry for others to look up to, not only as models, but as role models. They both have a passion for whole foods as well as minimalistic lifestyle and have dedicated their time to coach these practices to people from all around the world! 

As this world is ever changing AND they love to break the rules in this competitive, uncertain digital age, they have been able to combine the two industries under one big roof as 'THE RIGHT MINDED'.  

They love to think outside the box and break the mould of traditional artistry; as well as being honest and straight to the point, they work fast, efficiently and create amazing results. 

Due to Covid-19 they are currently based in Auckland, New Zealand.

The Right Minded On Focus 4 Areas of Expertise

Photography / Videography / Music Production

At The Right Minded, we create Advertising & Commercial Photography & Videography, Short Films, Fashion Films, as well as Music Production.

Our photography & videography work primarily focuses on campaigns for clothing & accessory companies, creating online digital e-commerce content, advertising & fashion films as well as producing model portfolios.

Our music production involves creating digital tracks for artists or creating music for video content as well as creating tracks and sound effects for ads & short films.

Health Coaching

Alicia is a trained Nutritionist, Life Coach and Meditation Teacher, and by combining these skills under one roof she coaches clients towards health and wellness solutions, help clients  transform their life!

Alicia has worked with hundreds of clients from all over the world helping them reach their health & lifestyle goals.

For more info about Alicias Heath Coaching services Click here.

We are Currently Based in Auckland, New Zealand

For more information contact us here.

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